Tomb Transcriptions





Tomb Transcriptions










ca. 1866-1889



Jean de LaVillebeuvre, deceased

Eulalie Trepagnier, deceased

Jean Ursin de LaVillebeuvre, deceased

Elizabeth Chariclee Jourdain, deceased

Thomas Placide de LaVillebeuvre, deceased

Puru Hypolite de LaVillebeuvre, deceased

Victor Jourdain de LaVillebeuvre, deceased

Marie Peters, deceased

Eli F. LaVillebeuvre, author



New Orleans, Louisiana








23.8 x 17.3 cm



The Collection of Oak Alley Foundation


Office stamp in the upper, proper left hand corner






Written in blue ink and pencil on lined paper, this item shows a list of tomb inscriptions for one family, three generations, and eight people. The accession number includes two pages written mostly by one person with a final inscription added by a subsequent individual for a child who died at 10 months old. After a comparison of penmanship, his lack of inclusion in the tomb inscriptions, and his office stamp in the top, left corner, we believe that the document was indeed written by Eli Farault LaVillebeuvre. The verso of the first page shows the pencil sketch in the form of a rough grid shape.


A translated transcription is listed as follows: 


-Jean de la Villebeuvre | born in New Orleans | the 24 of June 1878 | died the 22 of November 1863 | his wife | born Eulalie Trepagnier | the 25 of August 1784 | died the 19 of December 1848.

-Jean Ursin La Villebeuvre | born the 25 of June 1802 | died the 9 of april 1881 | his wife | born Elizabeth Charicleé Jourdain | the 24 of January 1808 | died the 23 of January 1840.

-Thomase Placide LaVillebeuvre | born the 21 of December 1817 | died the 3 of August 1846.

-Pierre Hypolite LaVillebeuvre | born the 6 of March 1822 | died the 22 of January 1847.

-Victor Jourdain LaVillebeuvre | born the 8 of September 1835 | died the __ August 1866. 

-Marie Peters aged 10 months. 


Jean de la Villebeuvre married Eulalie Trepagnier and had as issue, among other children, Thomas Placide LaVillebeuvre and Jean Ursin LaVillebeuvre. Jean Ursin LaVillebeuvre married Elizabeth Charicleé Jourdain and had as issue Victor Jourdain LaVillebeuvre. Along with Victor, although not mentioned on this list, are Eli Farault LaVillebeuvre (the author of this document) and Eulalie Aspasie de la Villebeuvre, who married Samuel Jarvis Peters Jr. The very last name, added in pencil, is Marie Peters, the daughter of Eulalie and Samuel Peters. 



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