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Date of birth: 
1844* (estimated)
Baptism Date and Sponsors: 
Place of Origin: 
Louisiana (Creole)
Gender and Designation: 
Female (mulatto)
Skills or Duties: 
Sibling: William
Age 16 (R8.095)
  • R8.095
    • Henri Roman and Therese Boulingy's Marriage Contract, St. James Clerk of Court, Conveyance record, v 34 act 621
    • Value: $1,500
  • R17.006.20
    • Letter from Marie Bouligny Villere to Therese Bouligny [wife of Henry Roman], Tulane University, Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, LaRC 179 Roman Family Papers
    • Dated: Friday, February 1860
    • Marie explains that while reading Therese's previous letter out loud, Sarah was "enchanted" [happy] to hear "Hello to Sarah" written although this was a fib on Marie's part to cheer Sarah. 
    • Marie described Sarah as being very useful and there "not a single young domestic better than Sarah."
    • Marie described Sarah as being afraid to stay in their house without a man while Marie's husband was kept in jury duty over night. Sarah requested to sleep in Marie's room over night out of fear. 
  • R17.006.46
    • Letter from Marie Bouligny Viller to Therese Bouligny [wife of Henry Roman], Tulane University, Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, LaRC 179 Roman Family Papers
    • Dated: 1859
    • Marie mentioned that Sarah has the measles and, though well now, Marie no longer wants her. Marie mentioned that she will offer Sarah to Jeanne since her family has already had the measles. Marie also considers Therese lucky since Therese slept in the same room as Sarah and didn't catch the measles.


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