Date of birth: 
7/1840* (estimated)
Baptism Date and Sponsors: 
March 7, 1841; Sponsors: Maurice (slave) and Eleanor (slave)
Place of Origin: 
Louisiana (Creole)
Gender and Designation: 
Mother: Rosine; Siblings: Jean/ John Cary
  • Slave baptism records, Archdiocese of Baton Rouge
    • St. Michael Catholic Church, Convent, Louisiana
    • Item no. 9; Page no. 80; Entry no. 9
    • Lists Rosine as Louise's mother
  • Slave baptism record, Archdiocese of Baton Rouge
    • St. James Catholic Church, St. James Parish, Louisiana
    • Item No. 7; Page No. 232; Entry No. 3
    • Lists Rosine as Jean's mother; Estimated that Louise and Jean are siblings


* Denotes estimated date based on available records. 



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