For Bus Drivers & Guides

Tips for a Successful Group Visit: What You Need to Know

We value all of our visitors and understand the how the process of planning a group's itinerary can be complicated and overwhelming. The information below is intended to help ensure your group's visit to Oak Alley is easy and effortless and that everyone leaves with an enjoyable, memorable experience.


  • Arrival & Check-In:   Arrive no later than 20 minutes prior to any scheduled activiity at Oak Alley to ensure time for restroom facilities and admission processing. 
  • You must check in at the Ticket Booth upon arrival.  
  • Be sure to give an accurate guest count for tickets and visitor maps.  It is your responsibility to make sure the count is correct and does not include the escort or driver.  All sales are final. 
  • Escorts are required to accompany the group to the designated activities to ensure no passenger misses a scheduled event. 
  • Oak Alley appreciates the cooperation of professional guides.  Please note that the scheduled time for the "Big House" exhibit is the time we anticipate you beginning that exhibit but it is not guaranteed.  Uncontrollable factors may delay the beginning of a mansion visit but we will do our best to keep you on or as close to your schedule.  You can expect lines during peak seasons or holidays. 
  • Oak Alley Plantation provides Visitor Maps in English, French, German & Spanish.  Please request specific languages when making your reservation or upon arrival. 
  • Oak Alley Plantation also provides written translations of the "Big House" experience in English (hearing impaired), French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese).  You may secure these for your group when you arrive for the mansion exhibit. 
  • The plantation experience is more than the "Big House".   Other exhibits and highlighted points of interest share the plantation's history so be sure to keep the group to the minimum of 2 hours at the plantation.
  • Photography for personal use is permitted throughout the property with the exception of inside the mansion.

For more information on tips for visiting, please visit:  Tips for Visiting 



  • Buses are permitted to stop and unload passengers in the designated area located on the map
  • Passengers should immediately disembark so that the bus can move to bus parking (designated on map). 
  • Buses are not permitted to idle in excess of 10 minutes in any location. 
  • Buses are to obey all speedlimits to avoid throwing rocks or dusk in parking area.
  • Passengers will embark at the designated bus parking only (the unloading zone is for unloading only).