André Bienvenu Roman China




André Bienvenu Roman China










Early 19th century



André Bienvenu Roman, Owner



New Orleans, Louisiana






A. 2.9 (h) x 74.8 (cir.) x 23.8 (dia) cm 

B. 2.5 (h) x 51.8 (cir) x 16.5 (dia) cm 

C. 9.5 (h) x 7.6 (w) x 6.4 (l) cm

D. 2.2 (h) x 57.8- 60.8 (cir) x 18.4- 19.4 (dia) cm

E. 7.6 (h) x 12.4 (w) x 10.8 (l) cm 

F. 3.3 (h) x 48.9 (cir) x 15.6 (dia) cm 

G. 4.1 (h) x 24.1 (w) x 24.1 (l) cm 

H. 4.6 (h) x 25.1 (w) x 14.3 (l) cm 

I. 16.5 (h) x 22.9 (w) x 20.3 (l) cm 

J. 5.7 (h) x 22.5 (w) x 21.6 (l) cm 

K. 16.5 (h) x 24.8 (w) x 24.4 (l) cm 

L. 10.2 (h) x 80.7 (cir) x 25.7 (dia) cm 

M. 14.6 (h) x 22.5 (w) 22.5 (l) cm 

N. 4.4- 8.9 (h) x 30.8- 57.2 (w) x 21-27.9 (l) cm

O. 25.4 (h) x 19.7 (w) x 38.1 (l) cm 

P. 4.6 (h) x 72.8 (cir) x 23.2 (dia) cm 

Q. 38.7 (h) x 87.7 (cir) x 27.9 (dia) cm 

R. 9.2 (h) x 23.8 (w) x 23.9 (l) cm 

S. 9.5 (h) x 43.9 (cir) x 14 (dia) cm 



The Collection of Oak Alley Foundation



“V&O Vignaud” maker’s mark



“Big House” Exhibit

   Dining Room



Composed of one hundred and forty-three (143) pieces, this set is very near complete. As was common during the time, the set was made in France then shipped to New Orleans where it was hand painted with the cornflower pattern before being sold.  Many of the pieces are stamped on the bottom with V & O Vignaud | New Orleans. Between the years 1824 and 1838, Vignaud was listed as a “dry goods store”, “glass & china store” and a “fancy warehouse.” Their shop was located on Royal, Conti, and Chartres Streets.  


André Bienvenu (AB) Roman was born March 27, 1795 in Opelousas, Louisiana. He married Françoise Aimée Parent, with whom the marriage issued five children. AB was the older brother to the first owner of Oak Alley Plantation, Jacques Roman. AB’s granddaughter married Henri Roman, the son of Jacques.  Throughout his political career, AB served two terms as governor of Louisiana; as a delegate to the 1845 and 1852 State Constitutional Convention; the Louisiana House of Representatives as both a representative and as speaker of the house; and as a delegate to the State Secession Convention. AB died January 27, 1866.  This set was owned and used by him.



"Big House" Exhibit: Artifact Room
"Big House" Exhibit: Dining Room
"Big House" Exhibit Exterior
"Big House" Exhibit: Lavender Room
Foundation Storage
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